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Museum for Architectural Drawing

In Berlin, I had the opportunity of living in two different areas of the city. The first was once part of West Berlin and the second once belonged to East Berlin. Even after more than 30 years later the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is still possible to feel differences between the two parts of the city.

There is a site between Schönhauser Allee and Teutoburger Platz that belonged to a former brewery. It has been developing since the 1990s to become a new center for the city’s cultural scene. Right in front of the old chimney of the former brewery, now you can find the Museum for Architectural Drawing which is a five-storey museum consisting of a stack of overlapping concrete volumes with a glass penthouse positioned on top.

Museum for Architectural Drawing

The concrete façades of the building are covered by engravings that originate from old architectural drawings. The façade surfaces are also broken up into groups of gently angled planes, intended to mimic overlapping sheets of paper.

The ground floor accommodates an entrance hall and the ticket office. The three middle floors contain the gallery spaces, while the top floor with the glass penthouse and the roof terrace houses event spaces.

Looking up towards the glass penthouse
The concrete façade

When I visited the museum, only 2 galleries were open to the visitors. So I've only seen the part of the collection which is dedicated to Russian 20th-century architecture. It’s an interesting set of drawings and sketches telling the history of the Russian Architecture of Lenin's and Stalin’s Russia. You can see drawings of Lenin’s Mausoleum or Stalin’s skyscrapers.

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