The Iconic Jewelry Pieces in Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris has taken the world by storm with its, glamour, and fashion-forward styles. Season 3 of the hit show continues to bring its audience a taste of French fashion with its stunning jewelry pieces. The actresses in Emily in Paris season 3 are seen donning some of the most stunning jewelry pieces that are sure to catch the eye of any fashion enthusiast.

First is Mindy's necklace. Mindy Chen played by Ashley Park, is seen wearing a beautiful Hope Toggle Chain Necklace in Gold Vermeil by Mara Paris in episode 1.

Hope Toggle Chain Necklace in Gold Vermeil by Mara Paris

Then, we see Camille's ring. Camille played by Camille Razat is seen wearing S Ring in Gold Vermeil in episode 4.

Camille's S Ring in Gold Vermeil

In episode 8, we see Emily, played by the talented Lily Collins, wearing elegant earrings. Small Sense Earrings add a touch of glamour to Emily's style.

Emily wearing Mara Paris Small Sense Earrings
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