Mara Paris offers a variety of earrings, exceptional architectural pieces sculpted to outline your uniqueness.

Silver earrings

Sterling silver is a high-quality alloy that is very commonly used in antique jewelry, contemporary jewelry, and fine jewelry. All of our jewelry is made with 925 Sterling Silver. Silver earrings are high quality, long lasting pieces of jewelry.

Gold vermeil earrings

Vermeil is a technique to gilt Sterling Silver with a thick layer of gold. It has been used for centuries, and the most remarkable examples are seen among crown jewels. Mara Paris' gold vermeil is produced by plating 925 Sterling Silver with 18 karat gold in 5 microns in our Paris workshop. Gold vermeil earrings are high-quality jewelry, and they are not comparable with other gold plated metals.

Unisex Earrings, For Men and For Women

Our collections are unisex. They can be worn by anyone. We enjoy designing them, we hope you will enjoy wearing them.

Aino Earrings

Branch out of the traditional jewelry game with the Aino Earring. Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s liquid forms this piece uses fluidity and versatility to serve as a continuation of the body’s natural shape.

Aino can also double as an ear cuff when placed on the other side of the ear for a more dynamic look. Sold individually or as a pair for a mix and match look, you make the rules.

Poem Earrings

Elegant drop earrings that create a unique look with their mismatched style. Long on one side, short on the other, it is sure to get compliments. Poem earrings are available in silver and gold vermeil.

Memories Earrings

Not sure what to get for that special someone? Memories Earrings are perfect gift ideas.

Mara Lips Earrings

Looking for smaller earrings? Mara Lips Earrings are elegant, small and versatile. Available in silver and vermeil.

How to clean earrings?

You can clean your earrings by gently wiping preferably with 'Chamois leather' or another clean, dry and soft cloth. Don't use any chemical products to clean your earrings. If you are unsure, you can send us a message and we'll help you as much as we can.

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