Deep love for art and beauty,
but above all, people

Defying the rules of jewelry wearing has never been so important and necessary, according to Ayça Özbank Taskan, founder and creative brain behind Mara Paris.
Designed from the get-go to change the way we consider jewelry, the new additions to her recent collections are a testimony to her deep love for art and beauty, but above all, people.
By dissolving boundaries and transcending codes, Mara Paris focuses on complimenting character and style through unique and fluid decorative shapes.
The latest campaign challenges the status quo of masculinity and its outdated rapport with jewelry by highlighting hybrid, fluid and versatile pieces that celebrate the freedom to wear all jewelry without restriction.
Delicate freshwater pearl necklaces and earrings join the rest of Mara Paris’ exquisite pearl collection while the iconic Pod Cuff is back and making a statement in a new minimalistic anniversary edition.
Functional yet elegant, each piece is crafted to be worn by everyone in unexpected ways.
From low-key lip rings to look-at-me earrings, each creation serves as a reminder to stay connected to ourselves and others through the lens of originality and bold self-expression.
Questioning tradition in her trade is not uncharted territory for Ayça.", "Since her beginnings, she has made it her design philosophy to step away from conventional trends, preferring instead to view jewelry as a means of allowing the wearer to tell their own unique story.
Considering that life should neither be linear nor resistant to change, Mara Paris expects no less from its jewelry, never conforming, forever innovating, forever changing.
PhotographerChing-Fan Yang
StarringCheickna Sissoko