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The Art of Fashion, Jewellery special. Jewel purpose. From buildings to bracelets - meet architects and artists taking their work to new scales. By Grace Cook

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Mara Paris, the latest collection from Paris-based architect Ayça Özbank, was inspired by deconstructivist architecture, in particular the façade of Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Convert Hall in LA - a structure of undulating curves and angled forms rendered in reflective steel, designed to mimic the sweeping notes of a musical composition. 'I tried to create earrings that adorn people with light reflections in a similar manner', says Özbank, who also moonlights as a photographer and journalist. 'Both architecture and jewellery are design processes; each incorporates technical and aesthetic components. Architecture projects tend to be complex, involving big teams and the end result takes years. Designing an earring can be done amazingly fast,' she says

Grace Cook