Founded in Paris by Turkish-French architect Ayça Özbank Taskan in 2015, Mara Paris redefines the concept of keepsake jewelry with modern statement pieces that capture the essence of individual identity to be passed down from generation to generation.
Each collection is a head turner, priding itself on creating a perfect symbiosis between body and space. Made to be worn in unique ways, Ayça’s distinctive shapes effortlessly mould to the body inviting the wearer to not only wear their jewelry, but also inhabit it. By challenging conventions and transforming the concept of wearable art into an inhabitable space for the wearer to self-express themselves, her designs make room for one to invent, reinvent and allow self-confidence to bloom. More than a collection, each creation is a timeless vessel for personal storytelling and style affirmation.
Avant-garde and rapidly growing, Mara Paris’s collections celebrate the courage to choose a different path and perspective, offering us an unexpected outlet to tell our own style story through freedom, assertiveness and uniqueness. Today, Ayça’s designs have garnered global attention, endorsed by high-profile celebrities, featured in major media publications, and adorned by followers from over 80 countries.
Ayça Özbank Taskan

Art, Beauty and Architecture

Ayça Özbank Taskan is the founder and creative brain behind Mara Paris. Designed to challenge how we view jewelry, her collections illustrate her love for the connection between art, beauty and architecture. By dissolving boundaries and transcending codes, Ayça focuses on complimenting character and style through geometry.

Born into a family of artists and photographers in Istanbul, Ayça began her creative journey by immersing herself in the cultural wealth of Venice to study architecture at the prestigious Università IUAV di Venezia. Walking the same halls of masters such as Carlo Scarpa, Renzo Piano, Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Ayça’s vision began to take shape. Her journey took her through Padua, Milan, Helsinki (where Scandinavian design would leave a lasting impression on her), and Berlin before finally settling in Paris to found her brand Mara Paris.

Symbiosis Between the Body and Space

Memories play an important role in the brand’s creative direction. Ayça’s connection to the multiple places she has experienced mixed with knowledge and her love for art and architecture have created a matrix of core memories that deeply influence her design process. It is the relationship between those core memories and the concept of space that drive her ingrained need to create shapes that reflect this symbiosis between the body and space.

Like architecture, Mara Paris jewelry is more than a piece you see and wear, her collections are an inhabited space for one to express their identity and humanity. Each design creates a sense of belonging and space to allow the wearer to express their uniqueness, experiences and story. And Ayça expects no less from her jewelry, ever-shifting, ever-evolving like the memories we build in the spaces we grow in.

Ayça Özbank Taskan working