Hope by Mara Paris
New Collection
The latest drop from Mara Paris takes a temporary step back from the aesthetics of modern architecture to leap forward into a beautiful and playful collection that brings hope and joy to all who wear it.

Hope is everywhere,
down to the very last pearl.

Hope can be found everywhere, from universal truths to a well-timed gift from a loved one. Inspired by this powerful emotion, Ayça Ozbank Taskan crafts a message of shared optimism and renewed energy through exclusive abstract shapes and pearls that celebrate new beginnings and the sacredness of our inner nature. A keepsake collection that reminds us to stay creative, playful and joyous even when life catches us off guard.

Every piece is keepsake

While continuing Mara Paris’ signature use of abstract vermeil and silver forms, the Hope collection introduces a unique horseshoe shape that symbolizes natural harmony and our ability as humans to seek signs of good fortune in the most extraordinary places. Baroque pearls, famous for their calming effects, whisper words of wisdom in the wearer’s ear. Every piece is keepsake reminding us that we can continue to live remarkable lives when we remember to nurture ourselves and each other. Hope is everywhere, down to the very last pearl.

Dina Ear Cuff

Our signature adjustable ear cuff, inspired by singular lined drawings, playfully embraces the delicate inner curve of your ear. Comfortable and versatile, this statement piece is a gentle ode to art that is always found in unexpected places. Available as a single piece or a pair.

925 Sterling Silver
18 K Gold Vermeil
Ruthenium Plated

Poem Necklace

Like a sonnet that paints love with words, the Poem Necklace from our Délicatesse collection floats down the neck like a work of art, highlighting the delicate features of the collarbone. Inspired by modern organic sculptures, its dynamic shape reflects the ever-changing form of nature depending on the place from which we stand. Its open design makes it adjustable to embrace the natural curves of the wearer’s neck.

925 Sterling Silver
18 K Gold Vermeil