Bracelets by Mara Paris, crafted in silver or gold vermeil range from dainty chain bracelets to statement cuffs. Every unique bracelet embodies the ideal fusion of Parisian chic with modern designs inspired by abstract and organic forms.

Ocean Dream BraceletOcean Dream Bracelet

Ocean Dream Bracelet

$ 326

Memories Chain BraceletMemories Chain Bracelet

Memories Chain Bracelet

$ 204

Délicatesse Chain BraceletDélicatesse Chain Bracelet

Délicatesse Chain Bracelet

$ 204

Poem Bangle BraceletPoem Bangle Bracelet

Poem Bangle Bracelet

$ 348

White Pearl Hope BraceletWhite Pearl Hope Bracelet

White Pearl Hope Bracelet, 18 cm

$ 238

Aino BraceletAino Bracelet

Aino Bracelet

$ 288

Aino Bracelet in Gold VermeilAino Bracelet in Gold Vermeil

Aino Bracelet in Gold Vermeil

$ 454

Hope Chain BraceletHope Chain Bracelet

Hope Chain Bracelet

$ 382

Hope Two Chain BraceletHope Two Chain Bracelet

Hope Two Chain Bracelet

$ 437

Hope Core Chain BraceletHope Core Chain Bracelet

Hope Core Chain Bracelet

$ 653

Bracelets by Mara Paris are stunning pieces crafted in silver and gold vermeil. From dainty chain bracelets to the iconic Poem cuff, every unique bracelet embodies the ideal fusion of Parisian chic and modern design, offering year-round finespun elegance that seamlessly pairs with Mara Paris earrings and necklaces. Each bracelet is a testament to the power of sculptural jewelry, the perfect intersection between heirloom and miniature work of art. A celebration of uniqueness, Mara Paris bracelets tell a story of timeless beauty and are designed to showcase your journey wherever your imagination takes you.

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