Ear Cuffs

Located in Paris, Mara Paris offers a wide variety of ear cuff jewelry, from architectural sculptures to gem-studded shapes that will up your jewelry game and decorate your helix for any occasion.

What is an ear cuff?

Showcase an interesting approach to jewelry with a minimalist ear cuff, the perfect addition to your ear jewelry collection. For the minimalists among us, it is the perfect way to underline your individuality and draw attention to your ear without the commitment of an ear-piercing.

It can be worn in any way, from large and bold to a more delicate version for an understated and elegant look.

How to wear an ear cuff?

We’ve rounded up all of Mara Paris' craftsmanship to offer a variety of low-commitment ear cuffs that require no piercing.

Their unique and flexible design makes them comfortable and delicate enough to wear while adding an edge to your look through unique and conscious design.

Materials for ear cuffs

At Mara Paris, we offer ear cuffs made in silver, ruthenium or vermeil.Oksa Ear Cuffsalso have gemstones:Moonstone, Citrine, London Topaz and Morganite

Our signature ear cuffs

Bring your sense of style to your ears and discover Mara Paris' simple and striking ear cuffs designed in Paris. Our wide variety of ear cuff jewelry offers an edgier and more modern alternative to ear decoration without the hassle of ear piercing.

Available in vermeil, silver and ruthenium, Mara Paris pieces are can be worn in multiple ways, on both sides of the ear, for a statement style that highlights your uniqueness.

Dina Ear Cuff

Our signature ear cuff, inspired by singular lined drawings, playfully embraces the delicate inner curve of your ear. Comfortable and versatile, this statement piece is a gentle ode to art that is always found in unexpected places.

Flux Ear Cuff

An ear cuff that delicately hooks onto your ear and carefreely embraces the helix’s natural curve. Made from 925 sterling silver the drops are a gentle reminder that sculptural art does not always go big and bold but shines in the fine and subtle details.

Virta Ear Cuff

Available in 925 sterling silver, vermeil or ruthenium. Sold individually or as a pair.

Do you need pierced ears to wear an ear cuff?

No, you don't need to have pierced ears to wear an ear cuff. Many ear cuffs and all of our ear cuffs are designed to hug the curve of your ear. They are light and comfortable. They are perfect ear cuffs for non pierced ears.

On what side do you wear an ear cuff?

Ear cuffs can be worn individually on one side or as a double on both sides. If you choose to wear it on one side, it is entirely up to your personal preference to pick a side. Asymmetry can be a great way to enjoy jewelry. You can combine an ear cuff with a small earring on the other side.

How does an ear cuff stay on?

Most ear cuffs hug the curvature of your ear to stay on. Small ear cuffs are also sometimes designed to be attached to the helix of your ear.

Are ear cuffs comfortable?

Mara Paris ear cuffs are very comfortable to wear. You can make minor adjustments by manipulating it with your hands to adjust it to a perfect fit. At Mara Paris, we rigorously test our jewelry during the design process for their comfort so that you won't be disappointed.

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