How To Clean Your Earrings

All earrings will eventually lose their shine. The lifetime of your earrings depends on how it is stored, how often it is used, your skin’s PH level and your skin type.

How to take care of earrings?

To keep your jewelry in best condition and enjoy it longer we recommend:
- Storing each piece individually to avoid scratching
- Removing them before applying makeup, perfume, hair and skin products
- Avoiding contact with water and chemicals
- Removing them before bathing or showering

How to clean earrings?

You can clean your earrings occasionally by gently wiping with 'Chamois leather' or another clean, dry and soft cloth. You can use our jewelry cleaning cloth for sterling silver, gold or platinum.

How should I clean vermeil earrings?

You can clean your vermeil earrings with 'Chamois leather' or with our jewelry cleaning cloth. Vermeil is made by plating 925 Sterling Silver with 5 microns of 18K gold. Even though it is very high quality plating, the repeated friction from cleaning might remove the plating over time. But don't worry, you can always replate your earrings. You can contact us if you want your Mara Paris vermeil earrings to be replated.

Aug 09, 2022
by Joe Mills
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