Types of Ear Cuffs That You Can Wear Without Having Pierced Ears

Ear cuffs are versatile accessories that can be worn in various ways. They are usually very comfortable to wear all day long and they don't require any piercing. So, if your ears are not pierced, ear cuffs are great fit for you as ear jewelry.

Cartilage Ear Cuffs

Cartilage ear cuffs wrap around the helix of your ear and they can be worn in different positions, on top, or on the conch. They are placed and adjusted by gently squeezing the ear cuff.

Ear Cuffs For Behind The Ear

This type of ear cuffs simply wrap around behind the ear by hugging it gently. It is very comfortable to wear. These ear cuffs usually have two elements that are seen from the top and bottom of the ear. Some ear cuffs like Pod Cuff offer a perfect amalgamation between luxury, utility and beauty.

Dina Ear Cuff

Cartilage Ear Cuff As A Lip Ring

You want to wear a lip ring but you don't want to get a piercing. Good news! Cartilage ear cuffs can also be worn as a lip ring.

Hope Hoop Ear Cuff worn as a lip ring

Aug 09, 2022
by Joe Mills
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