Silver Earrings

Unique silver earrings inspired by art, made for life. Also explore gold vermeil earrings.

Eucalyptus EarringsEucalyptus Earrings

Eucalyptus Earrings, Single

$ 287

Small Eucalyptus EarringsSmall Eucalyptus Earrings

Small Eucalyptus Earrings

$ 276

Wave EarringsWave Earrings

Wave Earrings

$ 377

Dina EarringsDina Earrings

Dina Earrings, Right

$ 84 $ 140

Mara Lips EarringsMara Lips Earrings

Mara Lips Earrings, Single

$ 71 $ 111

Sense EarringsSense Earrings

Sense Earrings

$ 439

Memories S EarringsMemories S Earrings

Memories S Earrings, Right

$ 129 $ 186

Poem Mismatched EarringsPoem Mismatched Earrings

Poem Mismatched Earrings

$ 332

Small Sense EarringsSmall Sense Earrings

Small Sense Earrings

$ 360

Memories EarringsMemories Earrings

Memories Earrings

$ 152 $ 245

Aino EarringsAino Earrings

Aino Earrings, Left

$ 129 $ 186

Eli EarringsEli Earrings

Eli Earrings

$ 186 $ 287

Jean EarringsJean Earrings

Jean Earrings

$ 298

Hope Huggie EarringsHope Huggie Earrings

Hope Huggie Earrings, Single

$ 95 $ 163

Hope Double Hoop EarringsHope Double Hoop Earrings

Hope Double Hoop Earrings, Left

$ 219

Hope Open Hoop EarringsHope Open Hoop Earrings

Hope Open Hoop Earrings, Left

$ 197

Hope Hoop EarringsHope Hoop Earrings

Hope Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 66 $ 93

Memories Hoop EarringsMemories Hoop Earrings

Memories Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 89 $ 107

Memories Small Hoop EarringsMemories Small Hoop Earrings

Memories Small Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 77 $ 95

Flux EarringsFlux Earrings

Flux Earrings, Left

$ 77 $ 107

Flux Open Hoop EarringsFlux Open Hoop Earrings

Flux Open Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 77 $ 107

Memories Huggie EarringsMemories Huggie Earrings

Memories Huggie Earrings, Single

$ 100 $ 155

Memories Drop EarringsMemories Drop Earrings

Memories Drop Earrings, Left

$ 77 $ 144

Memories Stud EarringsMemories Stud Earrings

Memories Stud Earrings, Single

$ 62 $ 89

Eucalyptus Earrings, Satin FinishEucalyptus Earrings, Satin Finish

Eucalyptus Earrings, Satin Finish, Single

$ 253

Small Column Drum Hinged HoopSmall Column Drum Hinged Hoop

Small Column Drum Hinged Hoop, Single

$ 100

Hope Hoop Earrings With Black Freshwater Pearl DropHope Hoop Earrings With Black Freshwater Pearl Drop

Hope Hoop Earrings With Black Freshwater Pearl Drop, Single

$ 89

Hope Hoop Earrings With White Freshwater Pearl DropHope Hoop Earrings With White Freshwater Pearl Drop

Hope Hoop Earrings With White Freshwater Pearl Drop, Single

$ 89

Eucalyptus Mini EarringsEucalyptus Mini Earrings

Eucalyptus Mini Earrings, Single

$ 89

Poem Twin EarringsPoem Twin Earrings

Poem Twin Earrings, Single

$ 107

Hope Small Double Hoop EarringsHope Small Double Hoop Earrings

Hope Small Double Hoop Earrings, Right

$ 140

Morning Dance EarringsMorning Dance Earrings

Morning Dance Earrings, Single

$ 111

Florence EarringsFlorence Earrings

Florence Earrings, Single

$ 84

Small Sense Drop EarringsSmall Sense Drop Earrings

Small Sense Drop Earrings, Single

$ 111

Stardust EarringsStardust Earrings

Stardust Earrings, Single

$ 111

Minimalist Huggie EarringsMinimalist Huggie Earrings

Minimalist Huggie Earrings, Single

$ 95

Amour EarringsAmour Earrings

Amour Earrings, Right

$ 163

Eternity EarringsEternity Earrings

Eternity Earrings, Left

$ 174

Day Dream EarringsDay Dream Earrings

Day Dream Earrings, Single

$ 100

Night Dream EarringsNight Dream Earrings

Night Dream Earrings, Single

$ 100

Great Figure EarringsGreat Figure Earrings

Great Figure Earrings

$ 224

Night Dream Hinged HoopsNight Dream Hinged Hoops

Night Dream Hinged Hoops, Single

$ 89

Night Dream Mini Hinged HoopsNight Dream Mini Hinged Hoops

Night Dream Mini Hinged Hoops, Single

$ 77

Hope Huggie Earrings LongHope Huggie Earrings Long

Hope Huggie Earrings Long, Single

$ 95 $ 163

Voyage Hoop EarringsVoyage Hoop Earrings

Voyage Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 107

Voyage Mini Hoop EarringsVoyage Mini Hoop Earrings

Voyage Mini Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 77

Voyage Stud EarringsVoyage Stud Earrings

Voyage Stud Earrings, Single

$ 50

Ocean Dream Hoop EarringsOcean Dream Hoop Earrings

Ocean Dream Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 107

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