Looking for signature designs or sculptural unique necklaces? We got you covered. Browse our styles to find a necklace that stands out from the rest.

Silver necklaces

All of our necklaces are made with 925 Sterling Silver. Discover our signature sterling silver necklaces.

Gold vermeil necklaces

Our gold vermeil necklaces are produced by plating 925 Sterling Silver with 18 karat gold in 5 microns in our Paris workshop. Gold vermeil necklaces are high-quality jewelry, and they are not comparable with other gold plated metals.

Poem Necklace

Like a sonnet that paints love with words, the Poem Necklace from our Délicatesse collection floats down the neck like a work of art, highlighting the delicate features of the collarbone. Inspired by modern organic sculptures, its dynamic shape reflects the ever-changing form of nature depending on the place from which we stand.

Each eye-catching piece is made from 925 sterling silver and requires nine expert craftsmen to build it. Its open design makes it adjustable to embrace the natural curves of the wearer’s neck.

Dina Necklace

A versatile sculptural necklace you can wear in more ways than one. Place it at the front for a bold stated look or let it follow your spine’s trajectory to highlight the graceful curvature of your back and shoulders.

Two Face Necklace

Our Two Face Necklace is inspired by the single-line drawings of Picasso and Matisse who once said “remember, a line cannot exist alone; it always brings a companion along”.

This companion comes in the form of two personas who pay homage to the universality of love and art. Available in 925 sterling silver and vermeil, the one-size-fits-all piece featured in Vogue has even inspired multiple real-life tattoos, proving that life often does imitate art.

How to clean silver necklace?

You can clean your necklace by gently wiping preferably with 'Chamois leather' or another clean, dry and soft cloth. Don't use any chemical products to clean your necklace. If you are unsure, you can send us a message and we'll help you as much as we can.

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