Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil
Dina Necklace, Vermeil

Dina Vermeil Necklace

A versatile sculptural necklace you can wear in more ways than one. Place it at the front for a bold stated look or let it follow your spine’s trajectory to highlight the graceful curvature of your back and shoulders.

Available in silver and vermeil.

594 $

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  • Vermeil
  • High Polished Finish
  • Nickel-free
  • Handmade
  • Engraved with Mara Paris logo
  • Each Figure's Size 88mm x 24mm
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Mara Paris

How Mara Paris jewelry is made?

Mara Paris pieces are produced in small quantities. We combine modern production methods with expert handcraftsmanship. It takes nine craftsmen to make a Mara Paris jewelry.

We use 925 Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil, so you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time.

About the designer

Mara Paris is the brainchild of architect Ayça Özbank. She designs jewelry as an expression of the creative energy from various inspirations of her.

She forms each collection around a different concept, which then requires her to explore new approaches. She aims to create wearable pieces inspired by architecture and modern art for people who love to wear and collect exceptional objects.

Vermeil jewelry

Vermeil is a technique to gilt Sterling Silver with a thick layer of gold. It has been used since centuries and most remarkable examples are seen among crown jewels.

Our vermeil is produced by plating Sterling Silver with a layer of 18 karat gold with 5 microns thickness in our Parisian workshop.

Vermeil is a high-quality metal and it is not comparable with other gold plated metals. It is a very long-lasting material which you can use in your daily life.

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