Our latest collection represents the importance of having a haven, whether a tender embrace, a favourite place, inner strength or an iridescent pearl to remind us of all the beauty in the world.

Big Haven Hoop EarringsBig Haven Hoop Earrings

Big Haven Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 174

Haven Hoop EarringsHaven Hoop Earrings

Haven Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 151

Small Haven Hoop EarringsSmall Haven Hoop Earrings

Small Haven Hoop Earrings, Single

$ 129

Big Haven EarringsBig Haven Earrings

Big Haven Earrings, Single

$ 163

Small Haven EarringsSmall Haven Earrings

Small Haven Earrings, Single

$ 117

Haven Hoop Earrings SetHaven Hoop Earrings Set

Haven Hoop Earrings Set, Big & Small

$ 202

Haven RingHaven Ring

Haven Ring

$ 220

Haven Serenity Drop EarringsHaven Serenity Drop Earrings

Haven Serenity Drop Earrings, Left

$ 146

Haven Integrity Drop EarringsHaven Integrity Drop Earrings

Haven Integrity Drop Earrings, Right

$ 134

Soul's Journey EarringsSoul's Journey Earrings

Soul's Journey Earrings, Single

$ 106

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