Silver Rings

Explore our distinctive silver rings presenting opulent aesthetics and limitless possibilities for stylish combinations. Mara Paris rings are adorned by top celebrities around the world. If you love gold color, check out vermeil rings and fine rings collection.

Flux RingFlux Ring

Flux Ring

$ 168 $ 270

Dream RingDream Ring

Dream Ring

$ 100 $ 141

Hope Open RingHope Open Ring

Hope Open Ring

$ 141 $ 242

Hope Double RingHope Double Ring

Hope Double Ring

$ 168 $ 254

Voyage RingVoyage Ring

Voyage Ring

$ 129

Voyage Bold RingVoyage Bold Ring

Voyage Bold Ring

$ 163

Great Figure RingGreat Figure Ring

Great Figure Ring

$ 100

Great Figure Bold RingGreat Figure Bold Ring

Great Figure Bold Ring

$ 163

New Wave RingNew Wave Ring

New Wave Ring

$ 100

Le Chat RingLe Chat Ring

Le Chat Ring

$ 107

Hope Core RingHope Core Ring

Hope Core Ring

$ 163 $ 237

Ocean Dream RingOcean Dream Ring

Ocean Dream Ring

$ 163

S RingS Ring

S Ring

$ 168 $ 231

Single Glow RingSingle Glow Ring

Single Glow Ring

$ 129 $ 254

Occasional Dream RingOccasional Dream Ring

Occasional Dream Ring

$ 100

Sense RingSense Ring

Sense Ring

$ 197 $ 321

Le Bisou RingLe Bisou Ring

Le Bisou Ring

$ 107

Double Dream RingDouble Dream Ring

Double Dream Ring

$ 163

Flux Minimalist RingFlux Minimalist Ring

Flux Minimalist Ring

$ 100 $ 141

Perfectly Imperfect Cigar Band RingPerfectly Imperfect Cigar Band Ring

Perfectly Imperfect Cigar Band Ring

$ 107

Column Drum RingColumn Drum Ring

Column Drum Ring

$ 141 $ 208

Column Drum Bold RingColumn Drum Bold Ring

Column Drum Bold Ring

$ 254

Eli RingEli Ring

Eli Ring

$ 163 $ 254

Mona RingMona Ring

Mona Ring

$ 220 $ 327

Mies Ring with CitrineMies Ring with Citrine

Mies Ring with Citrine

$ 434

Mies Ring with RhodoliteMies Ring with Rhodolite

Mies Ring with Rhodolite

$ 773

Vera D Ring with Lemon TopazVera D Ring with Lemon Topaz

Vera D Ring with Lemon Topaz

$ 333

Vera Ring with AmethystVera Ring with Amethyst

Vera Ring with Amethyst

$ 310

Vera D Ring with AmethystVera D Ring with Amethyst

Vera D Ring with Amethyst

$ 333

Haven RingHaven Ring

Haven Ring

$ 220

Hope Open Rings Silver SetHope Open Rings Silver Set

Hope Open Rings Silver Set

$ 276 $ 366

Future Legend RingFuture Legend Ring

Future Legend Ring

$ 186

Sweet Thing RingSweet Thing Ring

Sweet Thing Ring

$ 186

Discover the unparalleled elegance of Mara Paris's artistic rings - an ode to the beauty of silver in its finest form, meticulously shaped with refined grace and precision. Our contemporary creations, showcase a stunning array of open-ended silver rings, iconic bands, and avant-garde statement pieces bathed in silver splendor, providing a blend of opulence and adaptability. Revel in the allure of stackable designs, drawing inspiration from architectural wonders and sculptural marvels, transforming each silver ring into a remarkable testament of style.

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