Mara Paris offers a wide selection of vermeil ear cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings. Made with high quality materials, vermeil is a perfect alternative for gold jewelry.

What is vermeil?

Vermeil is a technique to gilt Sterling Silver with a thick layer of gold. It has been used for centuries, and the most remarkable examples are seen among crown jewels. Mara Paris vermeil is produced by plating 925 Sterling Silver with 18 karat gold in 5 microns in our Parisian workshop.

How long vermeil jewelry last?

Vermeil is a piece of high-quality jewelry, and it is not comparable with other gold plated metals. It is a very long-lasting material which you can use in your daily life.

Mara Paris vermeil jewelry

At Mara Paris, we offer ear cuffs, earrings, rings and neckacles in vermeil.Dina Ear Cuff, Flux Ear Cuff, Aino Earrings, Dina Earrings, Dina Necklace

Is vermeil better than gold plated?

Absolutely. Gold plated is a term that is used to describe any plating that uses gold on any metal. However, vermeil is a standard process produced by plating 925 Sterling Silver with 18 karat gold layers with a thickness of 5 microns. Mara Paris vermeil jewelry is made in our Parisian workshop with high-quality standards.

Can you wear vermeil every day?

Yes, you can wear vermeil jewelry every day. Make sure you don't expose it to chemicals that might exist in perfumes, makeup, hair, or skin products. You should also remove your jewelry before bathing or showering.

Dina Ear Cuff in Vermeil

Our signature adjustable ear cuff in vermeil, inspired by singular lined drawings. Comfortable and versatile, this statement piece is a gentle ode to art that is always found in unexpected places.

Mara Paris vermeil jewelry

Mara Paris offers a wide selection jewelry in vermeil.

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